The Growth Squad®

We help you identify how you can grow your business.
We craft the strategy and implement the plans that generate tangible results.
We have worked across the globe & multiple industries,
for the most diverse companies and individuals, but with one thing in common:
a strong and urgent ambition to grow.

What others say about us
The Growth Squad
Séverine Distave
VP Marketing & Innovations
Marketeer of the year 2016

"Over the past years The Growth Squad provided us regularly with advice on various marketing and sales topics, including brand architecture, brand communication, brand innovation, digital consumer strategy and e-commerce. I like their highly personalized approach. They think along and are solution minded, combining strategy with common sense. Their advice is insightful and actionable. I recommend them."

The Growth Squad
Benoit Lison
Managing Partner
Major player in executive search

"I called twice upon The Growth Squad in order to progress my companies strategic thinking. We needed a compelling business plan to present to our international board. I highly recommend them."

The Growth Squad
Chris Cools
Market leading care home group

"When we were challenged on our top line, The Growth Squad helped us pulling together a tailor made training program to build and enhance commercial capabilities in our organisation. The program helped us in addressing the issue. It resulted in an increased awareness of our leadership teams about their role in the customer journey and in a toolbox for action. I would recommend The Growth Squad."

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